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Genuine Tea
Founded in May 2015 by Sarah Wilcox and David O’Connor, Genuine Tea is a Toronto-based tea business that supplies the tasty teas here at Caffiends. They operate on a direct-trade model, importing directly from the small growers that Sarah and David have built lasting relationships with over their visits to tea plantations in Asia. Their business model incorporates sustainable farming practices while also ensuring workers on the plantations are paid living wages. On top of that, many of their teas are organic and incredibly tasty!

What is direct trade?
Within direct trade business models, companies have direct relationships with their producers and the workers there based on mutually beneficial agreements across both parties. These relationships help create more sustainable and ethical business practices. Companies are able to work with and learn from the producers themselves to create high quality products. In the context of the coffee and tea industry, quality standards are determined by the roasters themselves who visit their producers often. Ultimately, the key to direct trade is the development and maintenance of strong relationships with all the producers involved.