Past Co-Managers

Co-Manager History!

Caffiends was established in 2006 by Anneleen Naudts. 

2007-2008: Catherine Brown and Caroline Aksich

2008-2009: Lucille Liu and Galya Khaikin

2009-2010: Emily Gilbert and Vanessa Guidorizzi

2010-2011: Mary Anne Dunn and Rachel Chepesiuk

2011-2012: Ben Drapkin and Susan Wang

2012-2013: Hannah Nitefor, Leah Moncada (pictured below)

Drinking on the job! Leah Moncada and Hannah Nitefor, Co-Managers 20121798003_611837972233465_6055621837819363906_n2013: Sarah MacIsaac and Tara Mactavish

Fall 2014: Julie Zhang and Linh Nguyen (pictured above).

Winter 2015: Anna McElcheran and Linh Nguyen

Fall 2015: Victoria Yang and Anna McElcheran

Winter 2016: Victoria Yang and Hana Nikcevic
Rusaba 3

Anna, Hana, and Victoria pictured above. Photo: Rusaba Alam

Fall 2016: Hana Nikcevic and Caroline Nguyen

Winter 2017: Caroline Nguyen and Olivier Smith

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