Graduating Volunteers 2016

A huge thank you to our 2016 graduates for all of their contributions to the cafe. You will be missed!


Tara Mactavish
Caffiends is the heart and soul of Victoria College. It offers students a safe space to meet new people, test out new skills, buy affordable meals and become a part of the community in a comfortable, friendly way. Caffiends is the best (and best tasting) space on campus.

Emily Dyer
Caffiends is a space that is always comfortable, both physically and socially. Though I sometimes wish I’d been more involved in the cafe throughout my three years volunteering, I am still very happy with my experience there. Caffiends also has the best tea, and I have learned how to make a not-entirely-mediocre latte.

Jacob Ke
I am probably the only graduate who has been at Caffiends for four years and still doesn’t know how to do latte art. As far as I can remember, Caffiends has changed and improved dramatically thanks to all the wonderful managers. These four years were dreams to me. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I have met throughout these years and for that, I am truly grateful. What makes Caffiends AWESOME is not its delicious fair-trade coffee or tea (I am just being dramatic, plz bear with me) but you people. You, as volunteers, execs and managers, are who make Caffiends SPECIAL! You are Caffiends, so THANK YOU for being here. <3

Anna Pozdniakova
A quiet opening shift, the best way to start the day; remembering how somebody takes their coffee, and the smile on their face when you do; always laughing at how sketch we are, but laughing even harder when you would never dream of leaving.

Shirqille Tisi
I recall that one winter day when I decided to visit Caffiends for the first time. Julie, co-manager 2014/2015, and I were sitting with a cup of rose chai tea talking about Caffiends’s book collection, fair-trade coffee and the upcoming clothing swap. I remember before I left that day she asked me if I wanted to volunteer for a shift, and of course I said yes. After a semester of volunteering, I decided to apply for the information management executive position. Being an executive member for Caffiends help me grow as a person and I would have never obtained my summer job without such great experience. Another memory at Caffiends is our drink making competition in 2014/2015. I remember I made an apple-orchard latte that won me a chocolate chip cookie. Caffiends will always be in my heart, and I will always be thinking about those vegan cupcakes with blue frosting as well as my classic coffee-soy milk-cinnamon drink that I will miss in the morning. Caffiends certainly made my university experience unique and I would never forget the great friends I have met volunteering. Thank you co-managers, executives and volunteers for making Caffiends feel safe and like home.

Sara Li Forouzanfar
I’ve learned so much through Caffiends this year and am grateful to have met so many wonderful people! Elliot’s ever-evolving haircuts, regular customers, and trying new things were highlights of my Caffiends shifts :)

Anna Shortly
I won the drink competition one year, that was cool af.

Arielle Beaudry
Caffiends is a place where I could go to get away from all my school work and meet new wonderful people. In my 2 years there I got to see Caffiends grow and evolve, and I can safely say that all of you awesome human beings made school more bearable for me (for which I will be eternally grateful <3). See you later Caffiends!

Anna McElcheran
Since my first year Caffiends has been an oasis from the academic atmosphere of UofT and a warm, welcoming place where I could make a new friend by striking up conversation with a stranger. I can’t imagine my experience at UofT without Caffiends, since it was through being a part of this lovely, inclusive community of truly wonderful people that I found my place at Vic, and developed what I know will be lifelong friendships. I was expecting Caffiends to be a fun way to get involved at Vic and a nice place to study, but through the years what I’ve discovered is a second home where I know I can go to find support, encouragement and laughter. I’ll miss it dearly.

Sabrina Bilotta
It was a great place for me to see my friends, learn how to make great drinks and be in a stress free environment. Who knew that taking 10mins to grind coffee could be so relaxing? I always looked forward to my shift and loved the welcoming feel Caffiends gave everyone. I learned something new every week through a different conversation with a customer, friend or volunteer. It truly showed me how much I love my Vic community and how volunteering contributed so much to my learning capabilities and enhanced my academic experience at UofT. Caffiends, thank you for all of the laughs, great tea and Team Tay Tay :P

Rusaba Alam
Caffiends has been a constant in my life since my first year, when Julie Zhang encouraged me to volunteer. I’m so glad I did: the friends I’ve made here and the community I’ve become a part of have been the most amazing support system through the highs and lows of my undergraduate career. From hours spent taking #caffiendslove photos to falling dead asleep on the couch after a long day to finding out Margaret Atwood retweeted our post about keeping the café in Old Vic, Caffiends has been the backdrop of so many of my memories over the years, and I’ll miss this place more than I could possibly say.

Noreen Goraya
Caffiends, to me, is home.