About Us

Caffiends is a student-run, volunteer-operated cafe at Victoria College in the University of Toronto.  Caffiends not only educates volunteers on social justice issues and the importance of purchasing Fair-Trade, ethical products, but fosters an intimate community where students can study, relax, and interact. We have levy status at Victoria College and sit as an honorary member upon VUSAC.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, send us an email!

Our lovely Caffiends volunteers



Graduating Volunteers 2016

A huge thank you to our 2016 graduates for all of their contributions to the cafe. You will be missed! Tara Mactavish Caffiends is the heart and soul of Victoria College. It offers students a safe space to meet new people, test out new skills, buy affordable meals and become a part of the community … Continue reading Graduating Volunteers 2016

Executive Team 2017-2018

Elaine Ma, Co-Manager Fall 2017 to Winter 2018 Year & Major: 3rd year Diaspora & Transnational Studies major, Geography, and Contemporary Asian Studies minors Favourite Caffiends drink: Matcha Latte Catch me in Caffiends micromanaging. Olivier Smith, Co-Manager Winter 2017 to Fall 2017 Year & Major: 4th year Economics and Political Science major Favourite Caffiends drink: … Continue reading Executive Team 2017-2018

Media Mentions

2017 The Varsity, In search of a safe space (March 26, 2017) 2016 The Strand, Caffiends brings environmental sustainability, ethical consumerism, and delicious coffee to Victoria College (January 19, 2016) The Strand, What’s brewing at Caffiends (September 21, 2016) The Strand, From cozy to aesthetic, we’ve got your cafe needs covered (October 19, 2016) The … Continue reading Media Mentions

Past Co-Managers

Co-Manager History! Caffiends was established in 2006 by Anneleen Naudts.  2007-2008: Catherine Brown and Caroline Aksich 2008-2009: Lucille Liu and Galya Khaikin 2009-2010: Emily Gilbert and Vanessa Guidorizzi 2010-2011: Mary Anne Dunn and Rachel Chepesiuk 2011-2012: Ben Drapkin and Susan Wang 2012-2013: Hannah Nitefor, Leah Moncada (pictured below) 2013: Sarah MacIsaac and Tara Mactavish Fall 2014: Julie Zhang and Linh Nguyen (pictured above). Winter … Continue reading Past Co-Managers