Welcome to Caffiends!

Hello, welcome to our little corner of the internet. The cafe is starting the fall term off with more than 130 volunteers and we’re excited to see your friendly face in the community. Come visit us at Rm 111 in the Old Victoria College building!


From the moment I set foot inside, I was blown away by Caffiends’ sense of care for the Victoria College community, its commitment to environmental sustainability, and its great coffee! It’s no surprise that the cafe has become a home on campus for so many students.

Olivier Smith

When I first found out about Caffiends, I was surprised to find such a wonderful mix of things I already loved: coffee, sustainable practices, cute cafes, comfy couches, and of course, a sense of community. It continues to be a unique, quirky, and special little place that I love and am lucky to be a part of. Caffiends is a home, for me and many others for whom it has offered a safe haven in a big and busy school.

Elaine Ma